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Volume 6.  Issue 3. (№ 16)

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UNESCO: arts and culture, national traditions
National Electronic Library
Lukyantsev A.S., Ryabova E.L. Electronic libraries: problems and prospects 
Brik T.A. Comic Con Russia and IgroMir 2018
Social projects and information technologies
Onorificenza al Maestro Valerij Gergiev
Shchuplenkov O.V., Shchuplenkov N.O. Modern approaches to understanding cultural ethnocentrism
Geopolitics,  human  rights
Hartmut Elsenhans Market or Labour Power: How to Overcome Rent 
Puzyrev K.S. Catalonia self-determination: idea and incarnation 
Zorin V.U., Yudin V.I. Germany, France and Eastern Europe in the situation of choosing the path


Lukyantsev A.S.
Ryabova E.L.
Electronic libraries: problems and prospects
In this article, the authors refer to the Russian practice of forming a single digital electronic space of the library system, highlight features of the implementation of the National Electronic Library project, identify problematic issues and emphasize the benefits of the widespread implementation of programs and projects related to providing a large-scale and unhindered access of ordinary citizens and associations. students, scientists, regardless of their social status, place of residence, occupation, income and other social activities divisions to full-text sources.
Key words: Scientific electronic library, national electronic library, citation index, RSL, abstract.
Shchuplenkov O.V.
Shchuplenkov N.O.
Modern approaches to understanding cultural ethnocentrism
The article examines various aspects of the understanding of ethnocentrism as a social manifestation of self-identification. The main approaches to understanding ethnocentrism have been revealed, both in the historical and modern research field. The importance of defining ethnocentrism as an important element in interethnic relations is underlined.
Key words: culture, ethnocentrism, personality, self-identification, social life, society.
Hartmut Elsenhans
Market or Labour Power: How to Overcome Rent
Globalization does not necessarily lead the to a world system of capitalist economies. Under the prevailing conditions of disempowerment of labor, capitalism is too weak to transform rent-based underdeveloped economies. Globalization is driven by currency devaluation which transforms new comparative advantage into cost competitiveness. The major check on devaluation, full employment does not work in most cases. In order to globalize capitalism, labor in the South would have to be empowered. At the theoretical level a neoliberal understanding of capitalism as against Keynesianism blocks an understanding of the importance of mass consumption for maintaining capitalism. At the political level, mass movements where they exist in the South are captured by secular nationalism or cultural nationalism. An increasingly fragmented multipolar system emerges where rent seeking is promoted by governments.
Key words: globalization, rent, Keynesian macroeconomics, international relations, class struggle, development.
Puzyrev K.S.
Catalonia self-determination: idea and incarnation
The article describes the difficult road of Catalonia to political self-determination. The author links the problem of self-determination of the region with the design process (recovery) Catalan identity on the basis of a special version of nationalism. He distinguishes cultural and economic stage of motion of Catalonia for self-determination, which created the preconditions for the transition to his final stage. Author suppose, that the final stage of this process is the political stage.
Key words: Catalonia, self-determination, autonomy, identity, nationalism, Catalan language, Catalan culture.
Zorin V.U.
Yudin V.I.
Germany, France and Eastern Europe in the situation of choosing the path
“Political leaders and elites of Europe in the situation of choosing the path” written by S.V. Biryukov and E.L. Ryabova is devoted to the very serious problems relevant not only for the Russian political science, but also for the general political and practical policy of Russia, Germany, France and Eastern Europe.
Ultimately, the authors’ accentuation of significant transitional moments of political and socio-economic development of various European societies and states allows a deeper understanding of the political prospects not only of individual countries, but also of the EU as an institutional structure as a whole. Thus, summarizing all the above, it can be stated that the monograph by S.V. Biryukov and E.L. Ryabova merits attention of the expert and power-political communities, and it will also be of interest to the general reader.
Key words: politics, political science, Europe, society, political leaders.


Brik T.A., "Cultural World" Project Manager.
Hartmut Elsenhans, German political scientist. Emeritus professor of International Relations at the University of Leipzig. Honorary member of the Faculty of Political Sciences.
Lukyantsev A.S., Expert, “City ХХI Century”, postgraduate Student, Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Bashkir State University, Ufa.
Puzyrev K.S., Candidate of the Department of Political Science, Kemerovo State University.
Ryabova E.L., Doctor of political sciences, Professor, Chief Editor of “Etnosotsium” international publishing house.
Shchuplenkov N.O., Associate Professor of history, law and social sciences, Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute.
Shchuplenkov O.V., Associate Professor of history, law and social sciences, Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute.
Yudin V.I., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor. 
Zorin V.U., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, member of the Council for Interethnic Relations of the President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Public Council of the Russian Federal Migration Service.